Krakow Christmas Market Dates

25th November 2022- 26th December 2022

Krakow Christmas Market Dates for 2022

Start Date: 25/11/22 
End date:    26/12/22
Location: Krakow’s Main Square

Although confirmed dates for the Krakow Christmas market 2022 will not be released until later in the year we have examined historical opening dates for the market in Krakow and we can give you an estimate as to when the Krakow Xmas market will open in 2022.

The last Friday (or weekend) in November is when the Krakow Christmas market opens so for 2022 that would make it the 25th November 2022 as the likely opening date.

The Krakow Xmas market runs until the New Year but we strongly advise you to visit before 25th December as after that time many of the stalls start to close.

Officially, after 26th December, they call it the New Year’s market but many of the stalls selling Christmas wares will have packed up by then so if you want to truly savour the full Krakow Christmas experience then you need to visit between the 25th November and 26th December.

It is a wonderful and atmospheric market in the Main Square of Krakow.

It is likely to be very busy as locals and tourists will be yearning to return to the Krakow Xmas market after missing out in 2020 and a pared down version in 2021 so it should make for a great, friendly atmosphere.

Snow is never guaranteed but Krakow is in the south of Poland, not far from the Tatra mountains so if it’s going to snow anywhere in Poland then Krakow is always a good bet.

We’d advise you to start checking prices on flights to Poland now as the nearer you get to Christmas the more expensive the tickets will be.