Krakow Weather at Christmas

What weather can you expect in Krakow at Christmas?


It goes without saying that the weather is impossible to predict accurately. If your mind is set upon a white Christmas in Krakow then you may need to adjust your expectations because the weather in December in Krakow doesn’t always reward you with snow. Having said that, it is common to get snow in Poland in December and it is even more common that if snow is going to fall anywhere in the country it is most likely to fall in the south of the country i.e. Krakow.


One thing you can pretty much count on is that the weather in Krakow in December is going to be cold so make sure you bring a good jacket, gloves and a hat!!

┬áTo give you an example, a “mild” Krakow December would be temperatures of around 3 degrees Celsius in the daytime. It will get colder at night and daytime temperature can really plummet if the winter is particularly cold.