Christmas in Krakow


Questions about a Krakow Christmas

How far away is Krakow?

If you’re planning on a Krakow Christmas but you’re worried that Krakow is too far away to consider as a weekend break then think again!

Krakow is just over a two hour flight away from UK airports. That is less time than it takes to get from London to Manchester by train.

This makes Krakow perfect for a city break.

There are a number of budget airlines that offer flights to Krakow so it’s possible to bag a bargain on the flight price, especially if you book well in advance.

Once you arrive at Krakow airport then thankfully you are already pretty close to the centre of the city.

A taxi will take you around 25 minutes to get to Krakow’s city centre and a train will take you around 20 minutes to get to Krakow’s main railway station.

Where in Krakow is the Krakow Christmas market held?

The Krakow Christmas market is centred in and around Krakow’s Main Square. In Polish the Main Square is called “Rynek Główny” (pronounced Rinek Gwuvny)

Krakow Christmas market is one of the most picture perfect settings for a Christmas market that you can imagine.

Krakow’s Main Square is HUGE!! It is one of the largest medieval squares in Europe and amongst all the Christmas market stalls is the beautiful twin towered basilica of St Mary’s.

In the centre of the square is the Cloth Hall. In Polish the Cloth Hall is called Sukiennice (pronounced Sukyenitse). Krakow’s Cloth Hall is THE place to go for souvenirs any other time of the year so when it comes to Christmas-time then the Cloth Hall is in it’s element. 


Does it snow in Krakow at Christmas?

I know……I get it. You travel to Poland (a country where you believe it is ALWAYS cold). At Christmas-time. Ideally, you want snow, right?

The question, “does it snow in Krakow at Christmas” is impossible to answer as Krakow weather, just like everywhere else, is unpredictable.

What I can tell you is that Krakow is in the far south of Poland, not all that far from the ski resort of Zakopane (Poland’s winter capital).

If it is going to snow anywhere in Poland then it’s more likely to fall in the south so there is a good chance it may snow in Krakow around Christmas weather is always unpredicatable so there is obvisouly no guarantee there will be snow in Krakow but there is afar greater chance it will snow here than anywhere in the UK!

What is worth seeing at Krakow Christmas market?

As mentioned earlier. The Main Square in Krakow is the perfect backdrop to a Christmas market so just discovering the many beautiful buildings, cafes and restaurants in the Main Square is a memorable experience….and that’s before you begin exploring Krakow’s Christmas market

Krakow Christmas market is filled with food and souvenir stalls but with a Polish flavour. So what’s worth looking out for?

Mulled Wine and Beer

You can get drunk just from the fumes but in Poland they know how to make a proper mulled wine. Cloves, ginger, orange slices will make your taste buds explode.

A mulled beer is equally (and surprisingly) more-ish.

Grilled meat

Poland is a country of meat lovers.

Imagine a meat stall at a Christmas market back home and ramp up the quality level by x 5

Taste seasoned grilled sausages sourced from local farms or roasted knuckles of pork with the meat falling from the bone.


There’s nothing better in bone chilling temperature than to have a cup of homemade soup and in this area Poland really excels.

You will find soups that you are familiar with e.g. tomato, mushroom etc but you really need to try the soups that you will not find back home.

Beetroot soup is the staple of Poland’s Christmas tradition and is thoroughly recommended.

If anything, we would recommend you try the soups you haven’t heard of as we are sure you will become a Poland soup disciple!

Souvenirs and toys

Pretty much as you would expect.

Plenty of homemade Christmas decorations including some stunning Christmas baubles.

Wooden toys are also very popular.

Vodkas, liqueurs and spirits

If you think you know your vodka then think again. Poland has a bewildering array of vodka, liqueurs and spirits and they are ALL good!